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Powerful Capabilities

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Diligent marketing research and constant innovation is required for any business who wishes to stay ahead of the curve.

We are well known in the market place for being just that, INNOVATIVE! Since the beginning of our agency we have always committed to having a marketing arsenal in our main office. We attribute a great portion of our success over the years to our marketing arm.

As the business world continues to move rapidly towards utilizing the benefits of media  marketing, we too have evolved to follow suit, offering custom designed email blasts to lists that we have carefully cultivated over the years.

A good consultant provides solutions and offers guidance on how to bring those solutions to reality. In all business, especially in small companies, there will always be areas where business owners seek out advice. The question a sales-person has to ask is, “Do my clients look to my knowledge and expertise for advice?”

As reps, we often enter a sales call with our consulting hat. One of the great benefits of being an independent entity is that our position allows us to educate both our manufacturers and our customers as to why and how they can be valuable to each other. We are is a dedicated partner striving to learn your business and help it to flourish.

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We have built a team that is dedicated to being the leading rep group in providing the highest quality customer service.

Each of our territory sales managers has extensive product knowledge and is readily available to handle any customer service needs. In addition, we have a fully staffed administrative main office to accept purchase orders and/ or handle any other issues.


With the steady struggles that the Big Box Stores continue to pressure the local retail stores with, it is imperative that rep groups like us, come to them with effective solutions to the changing trends.

Whether it is working one-on-one with the independent hardware store buyer or negotiating with a full buying office for one of our distribution channels, we have established and maintained profitable business opportunities for over 25 years.We offer support by way of presenting product mixes stocked in strategic distribution centers. With our large sales team, we are able to service the large Metro-Plex areas as well as rural areas in each of our five states.

The “local” hardware store and 2-Step distribution business is our bread and butter.  We specialize in placing premier merchandising systems in our retail stores and always remember that these lasting relationships have been the foundation of our business.

As a manufacturer's rep group, our chief expertise is relationship building through creating opportunities that begin, grow, and maintain successful business. Manufacturers and customers look to us to facilitate the important relationships that makes them profitable.

Our team is diligent about finding the incentive in every relationship; our trade is to form relationships that generate repeat business by offering customized consulting for each company. We continue to enjoy valuable business relationships with many manufacturers and customers that have remained loyal to us since the start of our agency.


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